Power Metrics

I learned computers and software by starting with the hardware. I grew up in the 80'ies, so it wasn't until I was about 10 years old »

UX Trust

I've been paying a lot of attention to my behavior and expectations when using different kind of products. It may be web or mobile apps, but »

How to do Custom login in Azure Mobile Services

About a week ago I introduced ZuMo.API which is a Windows Azure Mobile Service (ZuMo) that was configured with a custom login provider that takes »

Getting logged in API user in Azure Mobile Service

Last week I published ZuMo.API to GitHub which is a simple Windows Azure Mobile Service (using the .Net backend) that includes Custom Authentication instead of »

Turn around the order of incentives

Give before you take. Let a visitor book their treatment before requiring email and phone number. They'll feel like they've gotten something in return for their »