Is $19.99 the new $3.99 for iOS apps?

A lot of data has recently been shared about revenue numbers of popular iOS apps. Overcast, Manual, Dash for Mac, Unread and Monument Valley to name »

Integration as Marketing

In regard to iOS apps, this is not as relevant as it was before the app-to-app integration features of iOS 8. Basically instead of just integrating »

Programming books

Programming books or just books on the topic of developing software, are a great source of inspiration. If you’re a software developer or you work »

A couple of iOS and Mac developer tools I can't live without

I just updated my config on GitHub and added a few iOS and Mac developer (and design) tools that I can't live without. First of all »

The Mystery of The Logger

The logger is a huge mystery. You see and use it all the time. At the top of your class, a controller, a window, a backend »