The Story of no Storyboard in iOS Development

When I create a new iOS project in Xcode, being iPhone/iPad only or universal, the first thing I do after creating the project is delete »

Updating a Windows Azure Mobile Services project: Method not found

I've always tried to stay as much on the bleeding edge as possible. I used to donwload new version of Windows or Visual Studio as soon »

Request for service: Cloud Product Integrator

I need a better name for this service. But I won’t come up with it, as it isn’t a service I’ll offer. When »

Beware of the Gate Keepers

Gate keepers are everywhere. They’re the ones who keep denying and dismissing you and your ideas, even though you lay out in clear form the »

Why I blog

I started this blog 8 years ago with the intention of sharing code I was working on, troubles in programming I encountered and solved for others »