Silverlight 2.0 provides better remote debugging experience

Some months ago, I did some remote debugging of a Silverlight app on a Mac. To say the least, it wasn’t all that intuitive, and »

Windows Vista / Mac debugging a Silverlight app using Visual Studio 2008

[obsolete] As I wrote here, this is no longer the way to do it as Silverlight 2.0 provides a much better experience. As I wrote »

Recommended listening: .NET Rocks with Brad Abrams

If you haven't heard .NET Rocks before, now is a good time to do it. In their last show, they interviewed Brad Abrams during Remix Boston »

Silverlight 1.0 officially released

This morning, I just read over at Scott Hanselmans blog, that Silverlight 1.0 was released and it support Linux. So that means Silverlight support all »

Web services and Silverlight 1.1 C# gotchas

As anyone must know by now, Silverlight is Microsoft's cross-browser, cross-platform RIA (Rich Internet Application) technology – like Adobe's Flash. With Silverlight, they say the sky is »