Use Recurly.js with ASP.NET (MVC), C# with this Nu Get library

Recurly is a full suite recurring payment service that lets you easily create subscription plans, billing cycles, handle customers, revenue etc.

They made payment integration dead easy with their awesome JavaScript library called Recurly.js that you can use to inject a payment form onto any page with a simple piece of JavaScript, a long with a server generated signature.

But .Net as a platform, and C# as a language is not very well supported by Recurly. They don’t event provide a client library for creating those signatures.

I needed a client library and wrote this simple class that I’ve now uploaded to Nu Get. The package is called RecurlyJS, and the source code is on GitHub.


  • Mike Morrison

    Hello Martin. We’re considering using Recurly in our MVC 4 project. I downloaded your code and it looks great. Do you happen to have a small project that shows your library being used?

  • Martin H. Normark

    Unfortunately, I don’t have an example. I actually went with another payment provider, and I’m not using the project.

  • Simon Dingley

    Mike, guessing you already worked this out but for the benefit of other it’s really quite simple. See the following:

    var recurlyJs = new RecurlyJs();
    var signature = recurlyJs.SignSubscription(“pl01″);

    Then just output your signature as part of your Recurly.buildSubscriptionForm javascript object :)

  • Liam Weston

    Hi Martin,

    I’m also starting to look at integrating Recurly into an ASP.Net MVC 4 project and I’m disappointed at the lack of support for .Net so it’s interesting to find your library. Would you mind if I asked what your reason was for choosing to move away from Recurly to another provider and who you went with? You might save me a lot of pain! You can email me directly if you would prefer not to post it publicly!

  • Martin H. Normark

    I went with Braintree payments mainly because of their exceptional API and support for just about any language out there.

    Furthermore, I realized that I’d rather have the basics and then add different flavors of dunning emails, activation, invoice integration to Freshbooks on top of Braintree via their web hooks instead of having a basic service do everything in a way that I not so much want, and would end up customizing / overriding it completely.

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  • Liam Weston

    Thanks Martin. That’s something to think about as it simplifies the process of getting a Payment Gateway and Merchant Account..

  • Martin H. Normark

    If you want a simple process to get started you have three options (in my opinion): Stripe, Braintree or Paymill.

    Simple on-boarding process and simple APIs.

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