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A couple of hints to iOS 9.1

Based on qualified guesses, iOS 9.1 will be released in time for November launch of iPad Pro and Apple Pencil.

The sites points to November availability.

So I was digging around the API diffs for iOS 9, now that it is updated with APIs to support new hardware features.

I was specifically looking into new APIs in UIKit to handle view controller previews and popping to full screen.

I noticed that all these APIs pointed to iOS 9.0 for availability.

But then I found new methods inside UITouch, specifically preciseLocationInView - which pointed to iOS 9.1 for availability.

I thought that was a mistake.

But looking further into the new methods, for example azimuthAngleInView where the return value is described as:

"The azimuth angle of the stylus, in radians."

...it clearly was no mistake, and these new API methods are for the Apple Pencil.