A couple of iOS and Mac developer tools I can't live without

I just updated my config on GitHub and added a few iOS and Mac developer (and design) tools that I can't live without.

First of all there's PaintCode - the name is pretty much self explanitory. You importort a PSD file and it generates code in Swift or Objective-C to paint the element using Core Graphics.

You can customize a great deal of the element and it's easy to add your own animations on top when you get it into Xcode.

Then there's xScope - a complete tool that let's you meassure, inspect, align your layouts.

Sip - a rich color picker with support for lots of languages. Easily get a UIColor instance from any pixel on your screen. Super easy.

And last, Tokens. Get those App Store promo codes working for you and see if people redeem them, add a campaign where people get codes on a first-come first-served basis.