Beware of the Gate Keepers

Beware of the Gate Keepers

Gate keepers are everywhere. They’re the ones who keep denying and dismissing you and your ideas, even though you lay out in clear form the idea or plan you have, and explain why it might work and what the benefits are.

The problem with gate keepers is that they’re just that. Gate Keepers. They’re expected to be authoritative, and posses a somewhat powerful seat within their scope.

But perhaps the biggest problem of all, is their fixed mindset. They don’t know about the details of your work, and they have little, if any experience doing it. They only have their biased, fixed eyes.

They’ll deny thought leaders, until their vision turned out to be true. A little like pundits

They’ll anchor the time your work “should” take, based on their ill-informed world view.

They bring nothing to the table. They can only say yes and no, nor articulate their view very clearly.

If you have something that you truly believe is possible, and believe you can do it. Who are they to tell you otherwise?

Gate keepers is a product of the industrial age. And during that time they thrived. Luckily, it seems to become increasingly difficult to be a gate keeper in the connection economy.

The worst part is, that everyone still seems to be brought up to become a gate keeper.

You should just ignore them.