You have an app idea, a project or perhaps already an app in the App Store.

It might not be your main focus, it might be a convenient mobile client for your SaaS app, or perhaps your app is the bread and butter of your business.

Either way, you know making a great app is hard work. You know that you can't just turn a web app down to the screen real estate available on iPhone or iPad, and you know the platform in it's native form has a lot more to offer.

Being available to your users when they want, where they want is damn powerful.

You appreciate a well designed app with a great user experience.

But you might have a problem. Your team is stretched thin. You cannot handle anymore. A new version of iOS is just around the corner, you might already be left behind since last version and there's a ton of small improvements to implement.

Hiring is extremely hard in today's market.

Hire a Contract iOS Developer

Do you want a strong resource you can use when time is scarce and you need to get an update shipped?

Do you want a shortcut to in-depth knowledge of iOS as a platform, what you can do and what the best practices are?

Do you want to ship an app that works as users expect, that makes it easy for them to like and recommend?

I'm available to hire for contract iOS app development. You can set me up with your team, and I'll easily fade in and get sh*t done.

You can also pair me with your designer to work on a separate feature, a new update or a spike that you want to push through to get feedback in record time.

I personally believe that the most "dangerous" and underestimated partnership in the tech industry is a designer + a developer working closely together on a shared mission.

The developer will undoubtedly churn out a better designed app, and become much more aware of design and the importance of it.

The designer will get much faster feedback on proposals and ideas, and will likely gain a deeper understanding of iOS as a platform.

Take something like animation. Developers code them, designers think them and users love them. But developer rarely come up with them when looking at static mock-ups. Pair the two, and they'll quickly produce butter smooth transitions and amazingly responsive interactions that draws attention to detail and create depth.

If you have an iOS project and you need extra manpower, a spike in another direction or you need advice – feel free to contact me.