How To Use the Google Search Suggestions API (AutoComplete) from C#

Google is currently receiving a lot of negative mentions for their lack of providing keywords to website owners. Keywords used by visitors is such valuable information when running a website, and especially if you rely on that website for income!

I figured it’s about time to dig through the various APIs that are available to use that can fill this void and give us (maybe) even more insight. One thing is what keywords users actually use to find your site – what’s even more valuable is the keywords others are using but your site is not part of the results.

Google Search Suggestions API

The Google Search Suggestions API provides related keywords, or I guess it’s more complementary keywords that is an extended phrase, based on the keyword or text your provide.

You’ve seen it on, in Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, iOS – everywhere, and it looks like this:

So let’s say we’re selling mountain bikes, and we want to dig into keywords being used to find accessories for mountain bikes. We simply use the URL for the Google Search Suggestions API, insert ‘mountain bike’ and open it in a browser: [](

They used to provide search volume for every keyword phrase, but that has been removed. I guess they want you to use AdWords!

The implementation of the API client is a very simple class:

Just call the GetSearchSuggestions method, use the async magic as you like and get your Google Search Suggestions API results](