Make features obvious -- forcing usage is even better

When creating software, make your features obvious.

A long time ago, Facebook introduced friendlists – a feature where you can group friends by any name you want.
Along comes Google+, and have a feature called circles that, unlike Facebook’s lists, are very obvious and an integral part of the design and workflow for when adding friends. All over the press, this is the feature they [focus ]( claiming it has an advantage over Facebook. It seems as if they don’t know about the lists feature of Facebook, which makes it very important to focus on the features you need and make them obvious.
People use what they can see, and what they’re forced to use.
It also makes you think about the countless times, when someone says “I hate the bla bla bla” – and most technical minded people just says, “you can turn it off”. This is a typical response, but the problem might be that the **defaults are incorrect**.