Request for service: Cloud Product Integrator

I need a better name for this service. But I won’t come up with it, as it isn’t a service I’ll offer.

When I got started in the computer industry 12 years ago by starting by own business, I did on-site IT infrastructure setup, maintenance and also a few websites.

Back then, to default way to setup a new customer with e-mail was to sell them their own bloody server and run it from their own internet connection. Many companies made a got profit on delivering and installing the server, setting up client machines and so on.

Today, you’d be outright naive to buy into such a solution. The Cloud has luckily taken over, and you find more and more software products running in the Cloud that you use to solve business problems, small and large.

You have a website, e-mail, telephone, customer support, CRM, accounting, some internet marketing related products and maybe you have an internal team communication channel where you can chat.

All these products is costly to setup, and integrate with each other so that they provide more value in a company.

So the problem you now have is that you have to make sure all these connections are working, and in case you need to move to a new provider of accounting or e-mail, you have to find the right product, migrate from the existing one, close that down and change all the pipes and duct tape piecing it all together.

Because the IT company of the late 90’ies early 2000s didn’t sell you the solutions (you buy straight from the supplier) you don’t have anyone to call.

I think there’s a lack of service providers offering complete end to end setup of Cloud based products, as well as acting as an advisor to help companies buy the right product that fits their need and is able to be integrated with all the other stuff they run.

I don’t want to run such a service, but I’m confident you could provide a productised consulting service that offers pre-defined packages of Cloud based products, customised to fit the need of a small, medium or large company and establish a pretty profitable company doing so.

With all the tools such as IFTTT and Zapier, it would be limited how much code will be required to integrate products.