Setting up a new Mac for Web and iOS development

I've probably done at least 500 re-installs of Windows during my time.

I did start at an early age, but none the less a lot of hours has been spent just setting up a machine. I've learned a lot, of course. Not by re-installing - but the reason for re-installing was often because my curiosity took me places where I ended up crashing the system.

But Windows is slowly becoming me secondary OS, and I got a new Mac today to replace my MacBook Air and needed to prepare it for web and iOS developement.

I'm probably not done yet, but I started with a small check list for setting up a Mac for web development and forked the repo to my own account, and added a step to configure a Mac for iOS developement.

There's not an awful lot to install, and it doesn't take that long. But it would be nice to automate the setup using something like Boxen.

Martin H. Normark

Martin H. Normark

Product and UX Hacker. Web and iOS developer.