Shipping APIs scale vertical SaaS

Shippo, EasyPost and Postmates (acquired by UberEats) provides shipping as an API.

Shipping is an inevitable feature any e-commerce business needs.

But it can scale vertical SaaS and enterprise SaaS or even custom software within larger organizations.

Many businesses needs to ship things to customers, vendors or even among their own departments.

A midsized business is large enough for people to source their own labels at will, and fragmenting a process and waste time tracking, paying bills or finding what was shipped.

Scaling shipments with an API is a super efficient way to make sure things move from A to B as expected.

Shippo recently raised $45m in their Series D and I expect API based shipping services to further drive the API economy to scale operations at various companies.

Martin H. Normark

Martin H. Normark

Product and UX Hacker. Web and iOS developer.