Silverlight 1.0 officially released

slpenguin-thumb This morning, I just read over at Scott Hanselmans blog, that Silverlight 1.0 was released and it support Linux. So that means Silverlight support all major platforms now, and it is out in the open so your apps can get going. To get some inspiration, you can have a look at these Silverlight apps that Scott posted on his blog: (posted from ScottGu’s blog)

Quote Scott Hanselman

  • Recreating ITunes in Silverlight*: Jose Fajardo has an absolutely fantastic blog with a ton of Silverlight content on it.  One of the projects he has been working on has been recreating Apple’s ITunes Media Player using Silverlight.  Check out his multi-part blog series that discusses step-by-step how he built it.  Absolutely brilliant. *

  • Sudoku for Silverlight*: David Anson has built a cool online sample using Silverlight that helps you play the popular Sudoku game.  Useful for both Sudoku addicts and developers wanting to learn Silverlight.   *

  • Font Embedding and RSS data in Silverlight*: Tim Heuer has a cool blog post that shows how you can create your own font-type and embed it within your Silverlight 1.0 application.  He then has his application retrieve dynamic content from an RSS feed and use the custom font to display it.  You can run the finished application online here (all of the text here is dynamic – not a screen-shot). *

  • Silverlight Drag and Drop JavaScript Framework*: Roberto Hernandez-Pou has a nice article and sample that describes how to implement a drag/drop mechanism for Silverlight 1.0 (using JavaScript).  This article is in both Spanish and English – scroll down if you are looking for the English version. *

  • Pascal Support for Silverlight: RemObjects Software now has a project template for VS 2008 that enables you to write Silverlight 1.1 .NET applications using Pascal.  It is kinda wild to see a screenshot of FireFox on the Mac, running a Silverlight application, written with a Pascal code-behind file built with VS 2008.

Also, have a look at the official Silverlight community website, where you’ll frind quickstarts, forums and recent blogposts from leading Silverlight developers and Microsoft people.

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