Silverlight 2.0 provides better remote debugging experience

Some months ago, I did some remote debugging of a Silverlight app on a Mac. To say the least, it wasn’t all that intuitive, and it required a lot of trying and guessing to achieve the desired goal. Personally I think remote debugging is cool, but I can’t really see the great need of it. Silverlight is cross-browser, cross-platform compatible – so when it works in a browser on Windows, shouldn’t it work on a Mac as well?

The release of Silverlight 2.0 has some great news in respect to remote debugging. It is no longer necessary to edit config files, and so on to authenticate the remote debugging session. This is all done from a nice user interface. JrzyShr Dev Guy has a excellent blog post describing the process of setting up remote debugging on a Mac on Silverlight 2.0. Furthermore, he suggests I mark my post as obsolete:

I ended up relying on a couple of random blog posts I came across on Live Search & Google to figure it out.  If your search turns up any of these links, know that they are now obsolete:

Old 1.1 Alpha Way of Doing Things:

So that I’ll do. Confusing information is all over the place, and I’d rather point someone in the right direction.

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