Software and Leadership

To me the purpose of software should be to drive change that you believe is right for you, your group or organization.

Software in the Enterprise should underline and support your cause, and the process you want to establish. By default, it's pretty open to anyone to work as they prefer. There's no default approach - only if you have something with an opinion, to dictate the approach, you can control how people work and ensure it's unified.

And that leads me to leadership vs. management.

Management is manipulating know circumstances (resources) to deliver a predictable and known result.

Leadership is about driving change you believe is necessary to accomplish your vision.

If you begin a software project by establishing a committee responsible for reaching agreement about scope, design, features etc., you're not going to drive any change, and the end product is not gonna help you accomplish a vision.

The committee wil only compromise on known circumstances, to deliver known and predictable results. Maybe in a new outfit, but the end product is the same.