Knowing business is not the point

Knowing business is not the point

When people talk about the success of others, especially known entrepreneurs who won big and cashed out, they often try to diminish their success by saying they did it on a cheap background, got lucky or had others do it for them.

I keep hearing a phrase like "he's way too in-disciplined and unstructured, he just surrounded himself with people that could make his vision happen" - as if anything is wrong with that?

I think they're missing the point completely. Outliers often are misfits who has always been misunderstood. At the early stage of their vision, no one understood or followed what their intentions were and thus labeled them crazy.

Then later, when they do win big and cash out, they're dismissed as not knowing about business because they got to where they were by getting lucky in a new field, and thus doesn't know how to create a new business.

But "knowing about business" is the exact reason why these people never become more than someone following instructions, or even worse, a Gate Keeper. Because their view is so fixed that they can only think within given systems and boundaries, where the success and the yield is only limited because there's an abundance of what they can do.

Not knowing business and being open and somewhat naive to new ideas is the exact reason people come up with big hits and win big. Their view is so unlimited by the otherwise known boundaries, that they just jump into whatever they believe and perservere.

Being misunderstood is often just motivational. Thinking outside the system and finding unconventional ways is the greatest gift they have. Fuck business.

Anything that can be written down as instructions is not important work, because work that can be mapped is guaranteed work. And what is guaranteed to work will always be in abundance and provide limited breakthroughs.

Work that might fail on the other hand, is the unconventional path that less people take, are more scarce and produces the big wins.

It only takes the guts to give it an honest try and the commitment and perserverance when everyone dismisses your work and labels you an outcast.